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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Troubleshooting Hardwood Floor Finishes (Part 2)

Problem: Discoloration

Discoloration is almost always a result of direct sunlight and oxidation.  All oil-modified floor finishes will amber over time, due to natural reactions with ultra violet light.  Water based floor finishes will tend to lighten or yellow over time, due to the same reactions.  Shading your windows and doors can help to slow the reaction, however, the floor system is going to change color. 

As for a “fix”…  Refinishing may be the only option with large areas of discoloration.  If it is a small area that has been covered by an area rug… Simply remove the rug for several weeks and see if the floor starts to “catch up”.  That may be all you need.   


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  2. I agree refinishing is pretty much the only option for discoloration.

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  9. It's unfortunate that refinishing is almost always the only option.

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  12. Curious to know... Does adding a light almost natural stain to the 1st coat of finish solve this problem?

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    1. Not so much. It is the oil base in the polyurethane that changes in reaction to UV light. Regardless of stain, there will still be a color change.


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