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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

How To Clean a Hardwood Floor

One of the biggest issue that I run into out in the field is the lack of proper maintenance of hardwood floors. Just because you can buy it in the store or just because the bottle says, "Hardwood Floor Cleaner" doesn't mean that it is the best product for you floor. In fact, it doesn't mean that the product is in fact safe to use on your hardwood floor. Stay away from products that have any wax or detergent based solutions in them. Remember, the large retail stores appeal to the masses and the masses are relatively uneducated about the Hardwood Flooring industry. Here is an example; how many times have you seen someone mopping a hardwood floor with a string mop and bucket of dirty water? Now, let's take that same bucket of dirty water and wipe down your Grandma's antique Maple Hutch. I don't think so! So why in the world would you continue to push this dirty water around on your antique Maple floors. Folks, there are good products out there designed specifically for your floor. They are little more expensive, but, not near as expensive as the sanding and refinishing is going to be. Check with your local hardwood flooring professional about the best products for you to clean your hardwood floor with.

1 comment:

  1. i learned what not to put on my future hard wood floors :) thanks!!


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