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Wednesday, December 23, 2009

What Cleaner Do I Use on My Hardwood Floor?

The following post is great information! I don't think I could have worded it better myself. If I had a dollar for every call that we have gotten that addresses the following issue... I wouldn't need to answer service calls anymore...

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"Be careful out there when it comes to cleaning your new or older hardwood floors. Some cleaners may sound great by advertisements or infomercials seen on TV. However chances are the makeup of what's in the cleaner may void any warranty you may have not only prefinished floors, but site finished as well.

For a badly neglected floor you may be telling yourself, anything may be better. However if results are not up to your expectations, you may need the rescue of a professional floor finisher. What you originally applied to the floor may be more troublesome to fix than without. Why?

Some cleaners not recommended by hardwood finish manufacturers may contain residues that dull or cloud a finish appearance. Depending on how much was used, and the condition of the floor, these residues can go deeper into the actual pores of the hardwood (if bare wood is exposed) creating a potential bonding problem with any new finish being applied. In some cases floors have to be sanded to bare wood, getting rid of the harmful residues so a correct finish and proper bond is achieved.

I've seen the same commercials in the likes or Orange Glo or Glow. From a professional and more realistic standpoint I have to wonder how some consumers think such a low cost product is worth using. Ask yourself; would you use a similar product on an antique piece of furniture? That antique could be worth thousands, the same as your hardwood floor.

I have seen some complaints, but I'm not the type that will blame the manufacturer. It's likely what was on the floor originally that could have compounded the problems. It's best to follow manufacturers specifications on prefinished floors and listen to the guy that just refinished your older hardwood floors. After all he's been in business to keep people happy. A wrong suggestion is likely to lead to a failed floor and plenty or irate customers.Better products to clean hardwood floors."
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